Buy car insurance in Georgia

Car insurance on foreign license plates in Georgia is mandatory. The International Motor Liability Insurance policy "Green Card" is not valid on the territory of Georgia. The issuance of insurance policies in the country is carried out by a single aggregator of insurance company "Center for Compulsory Insurance". The insurance policy can be purchased from them on the website TPL.GE. The terms and conditions of insurance can be found by link.
The only thing is that on their website you will not be able to pay for the insurance policy with payment cards issued in Russia. To apply for and receive an insurance policy of the TPL "Compulsory Insurance Center" by E-mail, you can fill out the form below:


Official policy
15 days
maximum allowable weight 3500 kg, and number of passenger seats does not exceed 8 (except drivers seat)

If you do not find your car model in the list of manufacturers or models, select manufacturer "Other" and model "Other"



According to the terms and conditions of the insurance company, the indication of the driver and the owner of the vehicle is not mandatory. The insurance policy applies to insured events involving this vehicle.

Driver and Insurer are the same?

Owner and Insurer are the same?

Legal and contact information

The website helps to prepare data for the registration of the official car insurance policy TPL CIC "Compulsory Insurance Center" in electronic form, operating on the territory of Georgia. Filling out this form confirms the policyholder's consent to the processing of personal data in order to obtain an insurance policy of TPL CIC "Compulsory Insurance Center" in electronic form.
Contact information:, phones +7(936)313-8588 +995-551-564-757, Telegram @tplbro